With our FIT TEAM program we encourage physical activity!  Research shows that when children are fit and receive the proper amount of exercise, they perform better in school and are able to learn at a higher level. Our PTA is working with our school to give students the opportunity to make physical activity a priority!  In the past, our school has won the prestigious


which was based on our FIT TEAM program!  


On the dates listed below, our students are escorted to the park and are given the opportunity to run/walk/skip for 25 minutes.  We calculate their total miles accomplished for the year!  We have awards for certain mileage completions as well as awards for top runners at the end of the year.  


FIT TEAM RUNS the first in service Friday of the month beginning October 12th.


Our Program is ran strictly by parent volunteers. 

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You Know Someone with a Business, Right?

Wouldn’t they like to help support our children and get a tax deduction at the same time?
We can reach almost 700 families! If you or someone you know has a business that would like to make a donation to Helmers we will throughout the academic year. Charles Helmers PTA is a 501c3 non-profit so all donations are tax deductible.

Contact Amy Brannon at president@helmerspta.org



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