This will be the first full year of classes for all of our grades, and we are in need of

1-2 volunteers for each class.


The classes are 40 minutes long, and are scheduled back to back, so in order for our kids to get the most out of their class time, it is important for our volunteers to be proactive in helping to set up before the classes, and helping afterwards with the transition to the next class, communicating any relevant information to the next class volunteer. Don’t worry, everyone will get into a groove!


Plus, all put together, its not that much of a time commitment. Its less than an hour, once every 2 weeks, from September to December. It really is an easy and fun way to be a part of your child’s school experience.




You will be working with our curriculum creator Lisa Ely, who will lead the classes. She will be the one who will tell you how she needs you to help for that day’s class.


As is required for all volunteers, you will need to fill out the forms needed to be approved as a volunteer at Helmers . You can get them through the front office.


We are also looking for 2 special positions: The Garden Opener, and the Garden Closer who do pretty much what their name says! These jobs are nice because the Opener can be done right after drop off, and the Closer can be done any time after the last garden class or just after pickup.




So, what would a day volunteering in the garden look like? Are you going to get dirty? Should
you wear sunblock? Water? How ‘Hands-On’ are we getting here?

Well… Yes, you should wear sunblock, even a hat and sunglasses if you need it. You should also
bring water to drink. And while every class might not leave you dirty, the chances are high that
you will get messy and possibly even wet!

Here’s a basic rundown of the job:

          -Arrive 10 minutes BEFORE your class. Check in with the volunteer from the class before
           you. If you are the first class, check with Lisa or the Garden Opener to see if you can
           help with any set up.


          -Assist Lisa during the lessons. Help keep the students focused.


          -After each class, items and possibly plantings, will need to quickly be ‘reset’ so that the
           next class can experience the same lesson. Stay 5 minutes AFTER your class leaves to
           help with the transition to the next class.



VIP Volunteers Needed!


We need the people in these 2 positions to remain consistent throughout the Fall Garden
session. If you are unable to come on a Garden day, you are responsible for arranging cover.
(Don’t worry, we’ll help, we just need to know!)




The Garden Opener is just that. The first person to get to the garden in the mornings, and open
things up. This person will be responsible for getting the space ready for Lisa and the day of
Garden classes with the students.

Here’s a basic rundown of the job:


-Arrive at 8:00am (or before) and Check out the Garden Key from the Front Office

-Text Lisa to ask about any special preparations she would like that day

-Open the Garden Shed and check the chalkboard for any communications.

-Unlock the Garden and attach the hose and spigot.

-Set up any additional supplies Lisa requests.

-Before you leave, hang the garden keys above the Chalkboard, or give directly to Lisa.



The Garden Closer is similarly straightforward.

Here is a basic rundown of the job:

-Arrive as early as after the last garden class of the day, or as late as after pickup.

-Check the chalkboard for any communications.

-Unattach, and put away the hose and spigot.

-Put any other garden supplies away in the shed. Leave any communication for the
Garden Opener on the chalkboard.

-Lock the garden and the shed and Return the Garden Keys to the Front office


If you have any questions or want to get involved in

helping this program bloom, please contact our Garden Chair

Natalie Freed at

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You Know Someone with a Business, Right?

Wouldn’t they like to help support our children and get a tax deduction at the same time?
Well then, Hang a Banner! If you or someone you know has a business that would like to make a donation to Helmers we will hang their banner on the school fence throughout the academic year. Charles Helmers PTA is a 501c3 non-profit so all donations are tax deductible.

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